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Can You Stretch Your Stomach After A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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If you’re considering losing weight, it can be a challenging process. However, it doesn’t have to be. When you get help from the experts, you can lose weight quickly and keep it off for the long term — particularly with gastric sleeve in St. Louis.

So when it comes to gastric bypass, make sure you consult with professionals who have helped people just like you. Still, one of the common questions people have is, “Can your stomach stretch after gastric sleeve surgery?” After all, there are going to be some changes to your body.

Let’s discuss stretching after a gastric sleeve. That way, you can be as prepared as possible in considering this transformational procedure.

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Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Stretch Your Stomach?

So, can you stretch out your stomach after gastric sleeve? To begin, gastric sleeve surgery is designed to reduce how many calories you consume. Essentially, it reduces the size of your existing stomach.

Therefore, you’ll feel full faster and be satisfied with less food. Since weight gain and weight loss are simply an equation of food intake compared to calories burned, this will help you lose a lot of weight going forward.

However, it is possible for your stomach to stretch slightly as you’re getting used to your new food intake amount. If you’re used to eating as much as you did in the past, it may slightly stretch your stomach. This is because it doesn’t have as much room as it did before your operation.

If you continue to stretch the stomach, it could permanently increase its size. This could cause weight gain and allow you to consume more calories again.

Why Do Stomachs Stretch?

Stomachs are designed to stretch slightly whenever you consume food. This is especially true if it’s full. However, when the stomach has reached a certain point, it alerts your body that you’re full so that you stop eating.

If you continue to eat past this point, then your stomach could expand permanently. So it’s important to put down the plate whenever you feel full.

Sometimes your body may not recognize that your stomach is full. Therefore you may not have the signal that tells your body it’s time to stop eating.

A good way to manage this is to speak with your weight loss surgeon about a food journal — and otherwise track the amount of food that you eat.

That way, even if you don’t rely on natural signals, you can stay organized and avoid overeating. This will help you prevent stomach stretching and lose the weight that you initially wanted to.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery In St. Louis

The weight loss experts at Arch Bariatrics can help you with weight loss procedures, recovery, and any information you need when it comes to improving your overall health.

Our experts will listen to your needs compassionately. And our surgeons can provide you with the safe operation that you need to begin living a life that meets your weight goals. So contact us today for a free consultation.

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