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Reintroducing Rice Into Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Reintroducing Rice Into Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Having gastric sleeve surgery is a huge leap toward living a healthier life, but it also means many dietary changes. Among the common questions is when to resume rice after gastric sleeve surgery. The decision of when to have rice after gastric sleeve surgery will be based on how well you are recovering and on your personal dietary progression.

How to Know When to Eat Rice After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Knowing when to start consuming rice again after gastric sleeve surgery involves the right timing, according to how your body heals. Here are some considerations:

Gastric Sleeve Program Recommendations

Gastric sleeve programs include structured dieting plans to be followed once you’ve undergone the surgery. Normally, it includes a number of staged approaches. During the first 1–2 weeks is the liquid phase, where you ingest only clear liquids and protein shakes. Weeks 3–4 is the puree phase, which includes soft, blended foods that go easy on the stomach. Weeks 5–8 are for soft foods. After week eight, solid, regular foods, including rice, are slowly introduced.

Nutrition Goals

Following gastric sleeve surgery, your top nutrition priorities are to consume sufficient protein for healing and to preserve lean body mass. You will progress to a varied diet to ensure sufficient consumption of nutrients in their varied forms. You will also monitor your food portions to avoid discomfort and promote proper digestion.


When you first start eating rice, eat a little and pay attention. If you feel crummy or bloated or have some other sort of digestive upset, you may want to wait a bit longer before trying it again. White rice can often be more tolerable than brown rice because of its lower fiber content.

Portion Size

Portion control is particularly necessary after gastric sleeve surgery. You should start with 1–2 tablespoons of rice. Having more is advised only if you can tolerate it well. Always ensure that you chew very well and eat slowly to help avoid any complications.

Final Thoughts on When to Eat Rice After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The re-introduction of rice after gastric sleeve surgery should be done gradually and with caution. Seek the advice of your healthcare provider and direct guidance from your gastric sleeve program to help you transition after surgery without a hitch. If you are thinking about a gastric sleeve in St. Louis, Arch Bariatrics will walk with you through each phase of your journey toward better health.

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