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What Can You Never Eat Again After Gastric Bypass

What Can You Never Eat Again After Gastric Bypass

Getting gastric bypass in St. Louis, MO can help you achieve weight loss quickly and permanently. Obviously a healthy diet and lifestyle should be also combined in order to reach your health and weight loss goals.

That being said, during the recovery from your gastric bypass, there are things you can’t do after gastric bypass. Always follow your doctor’s recommendation after bariatric surgery. The right food and lifestyle choices can make all the difference.

So let’s talk about some of the gastric bypass foods to avoid as well as physical exertions to stay away from:

Activities You Can’t Do & Things You Can’t Eat After Gastric Bypass

The phrase “what can you never eat again after gastric bypass” is a bit hyperbolic. In reality, there are very few foods that you can never touch again in most cases.

However, you should follow a very strict post-operative lifestyle and diet. This can include physical activities to do or avoid and foods you can’t eat after gastric bypass surgery.

For instance, with physical exercise you should start slowly and only increase your physical activity as time allows. So let’s talk about some of the things to keep in mind after your weight loss surgery:

Dietary Change

Aim to eat foods that are nutrient rich, this includes vitamins, minerals, and protein. Vegetables, meat, and beans are one example of a healthy diet.

But what can you not eat after gastric bypass? Firstly, avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat. This could include bread, pasta, pizza, and cookies. And avoid carbs or excess sodium while you’re still healing, for several weeks.


Aim to drink around 64 ounces of water every day. Your stomach pouch will be smaller after your surgery. It may feel more difficult to stay hydrated. But the good news is if you sip it slowly, you’ll be able to achieve your water consumption goals throughout the day.

Drugs and Alcohol

Chemicals and drugs are going to make your medication less effective. It also affects your ability to heal quickly after your operation. So avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or consuming other substances.

Physical Activity

Walking, jogging, and riding bicycles are something that you can do for the rest of your life. However, after surgery, you should aim to start very slowly. Don’t try to run a marathon in the first week after your procedure, for instance.

Psychological Changes

Understand that anything worth doing in life takes a little bit of time. Even though bariatric surgery can help you keep the weight off for good, you may want to avoid stepping onto this scale or judging yourself too soon.

Keep in mind your body is still recovering and preparing for your lifelong journey of weight loss. Be kind not just to your body, but your self esteem as well during this recovery period.

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