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Reclaiming Your Fitness: When to Start Exercising After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Exercise After Gastric Sleeve: Safe Return & Recovery : Learn when to start exercising after surgery and how to ease back in safely.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a major hurdle on the road to a healthier life, yet there is an extremely noteworthy road to be traveled after that. As your body adapts to its new shape, a common question arises: When can you work out after a gastric sleeve? Well, you should follow a reasonable and gradual approach, depending on your individual recovery and needs.

Patience and Proper Healing: The First Steps

During the first couple of postoperative weeks after the gastric sleeve, you should think about resting and healing solely. Your body has gone through an important operation, and it needs time for all its tissues to be healing well. The majority of surgeons advise slowing down the pace of activity for at least a couple of weeks afterward. During this time, doing light stretching and walking for short distances can help with circulation and prevent blood clots, but vigorous exercise should be avoided. 

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Easing Into a Routine: Start Slow and Steady

Starting from the next 2-week period, you may be able to incorporate low-impact activities into your routine and gradually work toward being able to perform more strenuous activities.

Walking, light strength training, and gentle yoga can become good options to reinstate your strength and endurance levels.

Building Momentum: Increasing Intensity Gradually

As the weeks turn into months, you need to build momentum. Start slowly at first; then, you can gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts. Bring resistance training, cardio exercises, and other types of physical activities into the mix in a way that suits you and what you are trying to accomplish. Nevertheless, sticking to the methodical and progressive protocol of training while the body gets the necessary time to adjust to the increased physical demands is key in the process.

Fueling Your Body for Success

Exercise is only a part of the overall success of the post-gastric sleeve style of living. Nutrition also plays an equal role in helping the body to recover and providing the dietary support needed for your workouts to succeed. You can work hand in hand with Arch Bariatrics to guide you on how and when to exercise after gastric sleeve surgery. Our trained personnel can offer tailored advice to ensure you get the right balance of nutrients and physical activity to optimize your health and weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to transform your life and embark on a successful journey after gastric sleeve surgery in St. Louis, reach out to us today.Let us guide you every step of the way toward a healthier, happier you. 

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