Following bariatric surgery, your weight will come off gradually. Your greatest weight loss will occur during the first several months after the operation.

Over the long term, we stress consistency of weight loss rather than the speed at which the pounds come off. After a few months, your rate of weight loss will gradually decrease. This is normal. It happens because the weight which is lost is fat (adipose tissue) rather than lean body mass (muscle). Hence, the more fatty tissue that is lost, the less remaining fat on the body that there is to be lost.


What you should Do:

  • Attend follow-up visit with the doctors and support staff at Arch Bariatrics.
  • Eat smaller portions and stop when you feel full.
  • Choose healthier foods for better nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential after weight loss surgery.
  • Take vitamins and minerals replacements as advised.
  • Exercise regularly doing the physical activities you enjoy most.
  • Participate in support group meetings both in person and online.
  • Celebrate your weight loss success with friends and family (but not with food!)


Your Medical condition

Obesity-related medical problems will likely improve with a modest degree of weight loss after your surgery. Blood pressure, blood sugar (glucose) in diabetics and blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) in patients with hyperlipidemia need to be monitored regularly. You’re encouraged to see your own medical doctor at regular intervals after the operation, particularly for adjustments in any medications you take. With steady weight loss, patients often require lower doses of medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. With a little luck, you won’t require any medications for these problems after achieving a substantial amount of weight loss.


Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Women are strongly urged to postpone planned pregnancy for the first 18 to 24 months after weight loss surgery. We recommend using the most effective forms of birth control during that period. The first two years after surgery is when the most weight is lost and getting pregnant during this time could put the baby in danger and dramatically reduce weight loss. Pregnancy places many demands on the body and the developing fetus can be harmed by the lack of nutrients and calories. If pregnancy occurs, vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be corrected with strict follow-up. If not corrected, these deficiencies can adversely affect the baby’s health.

Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight-loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery

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