Overview Of Bariatric Surgery Process

1. Education

At Arch Bariatrics though we offer you an optional educational seminar to understand bariatric surgery. You can attend a seminar or contact us to learn more

2. Consultation

During your initial consultation, you’ll have an opportunity to meet Dr.Kumaran Chinnappan and our team of licensed dietician and patient advocate.You will discuss your medical history, your surgical options, and any questions you may have about the surgery.

What Should You Bring?

Our Medical history Form:  this may be printed out and completed in advance.
Health Insurance card: our Insurance specialists will discuss your insurance “Bariatric surgery” benefits and other payment options

Photo ID

Any questions you have about weight loss surgery or the process.

3. Your Pre Op Evaluation

Preoperative testing and evaluation is essential for obtaining the best surgical weight loss results. We’ll evaluate routine laboratory tests prior to your surgery. Additionally, you will need to obtain a Psychology behaviour assessment.

Your personal doctor or another medical specialist may be asked to provide “medical clearance” prior to your surgery.

After the results of your tests have been reviewed, you’ll be contacted with a date for your surgery. We’ll also provide you with additional guidelines to help you prepare for surgery.

Patient Journey

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Am I a candidate?

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