Did your insurance deny Weight Loss Surgery?

Do not let the insurance denial prevent you from defeating obesity.

At Arch Bariatrics in St. Louis, we believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life. We participate in several financing options for your convenience. It is important to note that in the long term bariatric surgery reduces the annual health care cost by reducing costly medications, visits to the emergency rooms and hospital admissions. So weight loss surgery is a good one-time investment to improve long-term health.

Self-pay option is available in situations where you lack a medical insurance or when your medical insurance does not cover the weight loss surgery.

In addition, some patients choose to bypass their health insurance to take advantage of the benefits of self-paying for bariatric surgery procedures. Many health insurance companies have varying policy requirements that patients must complete prior to being approved for surgery. There may be a need to demonstrate multiple diet consultations over a period of many months. Patients using health insurance coverage may have to pay a high deductible and often wait up to six months from the time of their initial consultation for their bariatric surgery. However, self-pay patients will be able to expedite the time between their initial consultation and their procedure by avoiding the lengthy insurance company requirements and paperwork. In many occasions self-pay patients can schedule their procedures much sooner, possibly as soon as one week after seeing Dr. Kumaran Chinnappan.


$11,111 Special Self-Pay Pricing

We have special self-pay pricing for Gastric Sleeve/vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure that is available for patients who don’t have insurance coverage for weight loss surgery, as well as patients who would prefer to self-pay to avoid the obstacles and waiting periods frequently associated with insurance.

At Arch Bariatrics in St. Louis We have made every effort to keep the costs low while maintaining a comprehensive and inclusive treatment program for you.

Our special self-pay price of $11,111 for sleeve gastrectomy includes*:
The comprehensive self pay treatment package for the gastric Sleeve surgery includes:
* Standard Pre-operative Testing
* Facility/Center Fee
* Surgeon Fee
* Surgical Assistant Fee
* Anesthesiologist Fee

In addition to the many health benefits of weight loss, patients who undergo weight loss surgery are often able to reduce their lifelong medical and healthcare costs. Don’t let insurance companies prevent you from a healthier life. Visit our payment options page to learn about financing options and potential tax incentives for weight loss procedures. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

*Additional minor fees may apply depending upon medical condition and needs.


$6,250 Gastric Balloon Special Self-Pay Pricing

We have special self-pay pricing for Gastric balloon procedures. The gastric balloon is not covered by any medical insurance and in the present time self-pay is the only available option for the gastric balloon procedure. Our self-pay option for gastric balloon includes:

* Standard Pre-operative Testing
* Facility/Center Fee for balloon insertion and removal.
* Surgeon Fee for balloon insertion and removal.
* Anesthesiologist Fee for balloon insertion and removal.
* Diet Consultation and follow up for 12 months after balloon insertion.

Contact Us/ Free insurance check

Our team can help guide you to the best payment option for you. We can help you determine what your insurance benefits are. Please provide us your insurance information and we will call your insurance company and check the status of your benefits at no cost to you.

Contact us to learn more.

Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight-loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery

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