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Do I Qualify?

The surgeons at Arch Bariatrics LLC, will look at several factors when determining whether you are an ideal candidate for weight-loss surgery.


Choosing a Procedure

When deciding if weight loss surgery is right for you, keep in mind that surgery is only a tool!.


The Process

At Arch Bariatrics , we recommend that you attend a seminar to learn about weight loss surgery and see if you qualify. You can do an in person seminar (attend a seminar) or contact us to learn about online seminar.


Medical History Form

You will need to complete our Patient Questionnaire.


Insurance & Payment Options

For many people, weight loss surgery – Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band (LAP-BAND®) – is an affordable health option because it is covered by their health insurance plan.


Life After Surgery

Following bariatric surgery, your weight will come off gradually. Your greatest weight loss will occur during the first several months after the operation. Over the long term, we stress consistency of weight loss rather than the speed at which the pounds come off. After a few months, your rate of weight loss will gradually decrease. This is normal. It happens because the weight which is lost is fat (adipose tissue) rather than lean body mass (muscle). Hence, the more fatty tissue that is lost, the less remaining fat on the body that there is to be lost.


Will I need Plastic Surgery?

At Arch Bariatrics, we view weight loss surgery as an effective way to improve your health through weight loss. Cosmetic improvements are not the main intention of the surgery but a side effect that many of our patients like! Not all patients will need plastic surgery after weight loss surgery. While exercise can help tone muscles, unfortunately in some cases, no amount of exercise will get rid of sagging or excessive hanging skin caused by major weight loss.



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Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight-loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery
Arch Bariatrics LLC before and after weight loss surgery

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