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Lap Band Surgery was a very popular weight loss procedure for many years. Over time many patients develop one of the following needing revision surgery:

Heartburn or GERD

Inadequate or stalled weight loss

Dilatation of Esophagus

Lap Band Slippage

Lap Band Erosion

Food Intolerance

Revision surgery for previous Lap Band surgery is one of the most common revision procedures performed. The choices for revision include

Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Lap Band to Gastric Bypass Surgery

Will the Lap Band revision be done in one or two stages?

The Lap Band will need to be removed prior to completing Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass procedures. This may be accomplished in one or two stages. 

Depends on the extent of scar tissue

Depends on presence of Lap Band Slippage or Erosion

Two stages may be preferred to prevent complications like leak, twisting or GERD.

Will the Lap Band Revision be done Laparoscopic?

Almost always this is completed laparoscopically. This comes with same benefits like any other bariatric surgery.

Pain is minimal

Usually a one night hospital stay

Down time of less than a week

Follow up visits not different from primary bariatric surgery

Will Gastric Band Revision Surgery in St Louis help me?

Revision of Lap Band surgery to Gastric Sleeves or Gastric Bypass is one of the most common and highly effective revision procedures. You can expect:

Significant weight loss

Better quality of life

Low complication rate

Will my Insurance cover Lap Band Revision Surgery?

Most insurances cover weight loss revision surgery. The process to get approval may be lengthy and time consuming. Our experienced insurance experts will assist you in getting the approval.

Self Pay Lap Band Revision Surgery

At Arch Bariatrics in St Louis, we have attractive cash pay options for Lap Band revision surgery for patients.

Who don’t have Insurance

The Insurance has denied revision surgery

Due to complexity of revision surgery, the cost will be higher than primary procedures. The cost depends on multiple factors including your choice of the procedure. Please contact us  to learn more about your self pay cost and payment options for Lap Band revision Surgery at Arch Bariatrics in St Louis.    

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