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Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most effective weight loss surgical procedures. Regardless, because obesity is chronic and progressive, some patients may regain weight even after previous Gastric Bypass surgery. Common causes of weight gain include:

The Pouch has stretched

The anastomosis (the connection between the stomach and small intestine) has stretched.

Failure to adhere to the program after initial weight loss

This is only available to a small number of patients who meet specific criteria. To succeed, commitment to healthy behavioral changes, dietary choices, and lifestyle changes is required.

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Options for Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

Arch Bariatrics may offer one of the following procedures for revising a previous gastric bypass surgery in very select few patients.

Laparoscopic Revision Gastric Bypass Surgery

Endoscopic Stoma Reduction Surgery (ESR), also known as pouch reduction surgery

Gastric Bypass to Gastric Sleeve

It is important to note that these revision procedures are only available to a small number of patients, and the outcome is unpredictable.

Your surgeon at Arch Bariatrics will determine your best course of action following an initial evaluation that includes consultation and certain diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy and upper GI X-ray.

Endoscopic Stoma or Pouch Reduction Surgery ( ESR)

This procedure, also known as the Endoscopic Overstitch Procedure, is a relatively new technique for revising a gastric bypass. This procedure uses an endoscope, which guides a special instrument through the stomach pouch and into the anastomosis between the pouch and the intestine. Endoscopic overstitch is an outpatient procedure with no incisions or surgery. Patients are usually discharged on the same day.

Endoscopic Stoma Revision is a complicated surgical procedure. This procedure is only available to a small number of patients who meet specific criteria. Commitment to healthy behavioral changes, dietary choices, and lifestyle changes will remain necessary for success.

Some patients may be able to convert their gastric bypass into a gastric sleeve. Please speak to one of our surgeons for a recommendation for gastric bypass revision surgery.

Will My Insurance Pay for Gastric Revision Surgery?

Many insurance companies may cover gastric revision surgery.  However, the approval process may be lengthy and time-consuming. Our knowledgeable insurance professionals will work with you to receive approval.

Self-Pay Endoscopic Stoma Revision Surgery St Louis, MO

We have convenient cash-pay options for Endoscopic Stoma revision surgery for patients at Arch Bariatrics in St Louis if:

You do not have health insurance

Your gastric bypass revision surgery was denied by insurance

Several factors will determine the price. Please contact us for more information on the self-pay cost of Endoscopic Stoma Revision Surgery at Arch Bariatrics in St Louis.

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