Gastric Sleeve Revision St Louis, MO

Gastric sleeve revision surgery is an option in select patients who qualify. Commitment to healthy behavioral changes, dietary choices and lifestyle changes will continue to be a requirement for a successful outcome. When indicated the options available for Gastric Sleeve revision surgery are

Gastric Sleeve revision to Gastric Bypass Surgery

Re- Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery

Conversion to Duodenal Switch procedure

Your best choice of procedure will be decided after initial evaluation that includes consultation and certain diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy and upper GI X ray.

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I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Can I have Revision Surgery?

Laparoscopic vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is an excellent weight loss procedure with very good long term outcome. Nonetheless in a small number of  patients the procedure may fail in the long term. A gastric Sleeve revision surgery may be indicated due to:

Weight regain

Stretched gastric pouch

Inadequate initial surgery

Severe heartburn/ GERD

Recurrence of Diabetes Mellitus

Gastric Sleeve revision to Gastric Bypass Surgery

This is typically the most commonly performed Gastric sleeve revision surgery. It is a very good choice for revision in the presence of severe GERD, Recurrence of Diabetes or when the gastric pouch is stretched causing weight regain.

This is a complex procedure that needs complete clinical and diagnostic evaluation by our surgeon prior to being offered to our patients.

Will my Insurance cover Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery?

Many insurances may cover Gastric Sleeve revision surgery. The process to get approval may be lengthy and time consuming. Our experienced insurance experts will assist you in getting the approval.

Self Pay Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery St Louis, MO

At Arch Bariatrics in St. Louis, we have attractive cash pay options for Gastric Sleeve revision surgery for patients.

Who don’t have Insurance

The Insurance has denied revision surgery

Due to complexity of revision surgery, the cost will be higher than primary procedures. The cost depends on multiple factors. Please contact us  to learn more about your self pay cost for Gastric Sleeve  revision Surgery at Arch Bariatrics in St Louis.

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