What is Lap Band Fill?

A gastric band is a silicone ring placed around the upper part of the stomach. A tubing that is attached to this silicone ring is connected to a port under the skin over the patient’s belly.

We can access this port using a needle and inject fluid(saline) to fill the silicone ring which in turn would squeeze the upper part of the stomach to restrict the amount of food one can eat. Conversely, if the Lap Band is too tight we can remove fluid from the port, thereby relaxing the silicone ring which in turn will help one to increase the food intake. 

The idea of an optimal Lap Band fill is to have the right amount of fluid in the silicone ring that would allow the patient to eat enough to attain adequate nutrition but not excess that would cause weight gain.

After Lap Band surgery, one would need intermittent adjustments of the band to reach optimal Lap Band fill and to achieve the weight loss goal.

Lap band fill

How often do I need Lap Band Fill?

It depends on how much time has lapsed since your Lap Band surgery. After the first year you will have to follow up at least twice a year to evaluate the status of your lap band and to assess your success or failure in reaching your weight loss goal. If you have a problem eating or drinking you need to visit the bariatric surgeon immediately.

Is Lap Band Fill painful?

Lap band fill or adjustment is not typically painful. Though it is achieved with a thicker needle it just goes through your skin, fat and directly into the port.

My Lap Band surgeon is not available?

This is a common situation because you have moved to the St Louis region after Lap band surgery done elsewhere or your surgeon has moved out of the St Louis region. At Arch Bariatrics, Dr. Kumaran Chinnappan accepts such patients for follow up management. Please contact us if you need Dr. Chinnappan to evaluate your lap band even if your Lap Band surgery was done elsewhere.

Do I need a Lap Band Fill or adjustment?

You need your lap band to be evaluated and possibly filled or adjusted if you have any of the symptoms:

Difficulty eating or drinking




Waking up in the night coughing or choking

Don’t feel full with small healthy meals

Stalled weight loss

Feel hungry a lot

Lap Band Removal

In many situations over the life of the Lap Band patients may experience.

Stalled weight loss

Weight regain

Lap band intolerance

Lap Band slippage

Lap band erosion

In such situations one may choose to have the Lap Band removed. At Arch Bariatrics in St Louis, Dr. Chinnappan offers Lap band removal even for patients who had the original surgery elsewhere. You can also possibly discuss Lap Band Revision to Gastric Sleeve and other revision weight loss surgery options.

Contact us at Arch Bariatrics if you want your Lap band to be evaluated and if your weight loss journey is stalled.

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